Mairangi Bay 52 - A3 Print

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I have spent several years photographing Mairangi Bay sunrises from the beach during my morning walks. Posting many of them on FaceBook, it is obvious that they are enjoyed by both residents & visitors & many others. I have created a large A3 print, incorporating 52 images from the beach, including one from each week during the year (not necessarily the same year!) as a beautiful reminder of where we live, or would like to live! You can order the 52 week version (MB52), or I can customise your print by changing a couple of the images & their placement so you get a one-off version for yourself (Unique Images). Additionally, I'm happy to customise the text for you, so you can create a print entirely of your own (Your Text). For example, instead of 'Mairangi Bay 52 weeks', you may want to say, 'for my darling wife, Judy, who loves Mairangi Bay' or possibly 'Mairangi Bay, where else would we live?' or perhaps 'Life by the Ocean'. It's up to you as long as I can fit the words in & make them look good! You can also select a white matted print or a fully assembled & framed (16x20" frame) edition. Allow 10 days for production. You order & I'll print it for you. Enjoy...