Happy Birthday Darling Web page!

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A unique personalised gift! The URL (web address) www.HappyBirthdayDarling.com with your very own web page personalised for you! Viewable (& creatable) anywhere on the planet & hosted for you and you alone for the next one, three, six or 12 months! Here's the solution to creating that unique, never-to-be-forgotten gift! And it will be there for as long as you want it to be. Log onto this page & have a look at the sample now (of course all text & pictures will be replaced with your own & the address will be replaced with yours).

Imagine... Happy Birthday, Sarah! Log onto www.HappyBirthdayDarling.com! Just make sure you video the reactions (you can always get me to add the video later!)

Simply let me have your choice of pictures, plus whatever words you'd like & I'll create the page for you. You'll just need to confirm or replace (working down the sample page):

  • Happy Birthday, Darling! - confirm or give me replacement words (keep it short & simple)
  • Write your main message here... give me the words you want (ideally about the length of the sample or shorter)
  • Main picture. Supply me with the main picture you'd like me to use - as high resolution as you can, it can be any shape / crop you want. It can be anything relevant to the occasion. Or you can arrange a photoshoot with me to change it to a recent one if you wish
  • Main text. Give me the words you want to use. Length is entirely down to you.

The Slideshow.

  • Pictures. Give me up to 120 electronic images to put in the slideshow. Order will be random, but if the first three are important, let me know which they are & I'll try. Ideally, a minimum of 16. They can be of anything that has meaning for the occasion. (If you just have prints, ask me for a price to digitise them.) The price includes you supplying me with additional images up to 3 more times during the year.
  • Main Heading (Many Happy Returns) - you can change this (but it has to be short, ideally up to about 12 characters)
  • Celebrating your best year ever - give me the words you want (ideally under 40 words)
  • images supplied by... give me the words you want


There! A completely personalised page. Allow 7 days (if you can) for me to receive the images & create the page, but emergency work can sometimes be done fast!

There are also various options for you to add on if you wish.

  • If you would like to include a video that you supply, you may. I will put it on YouTube (unpublished if you prefer) & then embed it into your page. You can select the option from the pricing list.
  • If you would like to arrange a photoshoot to take a new main image for the page, or any other image or video, then just contact me to discuss what you'd like & how much it would cost.
  • If you wish to do anything more in depth, then please just ask or come & see me.

Once you have made your purchase I will send you full details on how to get everything to me. You will never just send a card again!